Demon invasions in WoW for the time being disabled โ€“ players are looking for reason

Soon Prior to the Initiation of the new WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard disabled for Now, a Feature from Legion.

It isn’t known — if exactly and why it has been disabled, although it should return.
Disabled invasions: at The Start of the Battle for Azeroth, invasions in warcraft will be temporarily disabled. You need to return”within a few days”. That is, have not yet been decided.

Invasions are popular for Twinks
Invasions are a Feature that was later implemented at the Addon WoW: Legion. From the ongoing siege by the Burning Legion have been attacked parts of their Devastated Islands.
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Advantages through invasions: the Invasion consists of world quests in the area once you Enter the area and a Quest that’s given. 4 of those Quests, after which a situation , the Invasion is crushed back.
The invasions have makes player with level 110 using nether shards, Artifact (later the arrangement of assets ), Gold and gear rewards. The characters, the tightening is only flat 110 reached quickly.
The mountain will not be spared.
Popular Twinken: The invasions were, but for characters under level 110. You could take part in the invasions. They’re a method for leveling, with heirloom that is complete gear a Level as they provide.
Invasions remain for a few hours, and occur at periods. On side of wow.gameinfo, io you will come across a Timer for the invasions — as soon as you go back.
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No reasons provided: Why the invasions for the time has not yet been specifically named. Some Twitter users guess that to stop that players benefit from their experience of their invasions, to work around the Degree areas of for now, the Battle for Azeroth.

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