Housing in World of Warcraft? The Blizzard says in 2018 to

Housing is a continuing subject for WoW Fans. Blizzard has voiced its opinion, and does not revealit is still around.
It’s a Characteristic that gamers of World of Warcraft for well over a decade of your selection: Housing. The opportunity to have a private plot of land and form it according to their Desires, is deep inside MMO Fans rooted. Again, this Feature is being called for by Fans, and again and again, Blizzard denied.
In an interview using the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, the magazine Game World Navigator, also spoke about Housing.

Mammoth Project Housing. According Hazzikostas Housing is obviously an issue for those developers to. “Housing is something that could tackle, we at some stage in the future. It’s something which we talk about. However, to take action, or it is right to do are different things, We wouldn’t make this decision if we decided to ever to do that. Since we are aware that the expectations and quality demands are extremely large.”
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WoW is not societal, Housing. To get Hazzikostas, World of Warcraft is a Multiplayer game and therefore the players are acting”out in the world and interact with each other.” If players were in their own houses, that might be tough to reconcile with Home and in other places or primary towns would stop.
Blizzard never says never. Perfect Housing is not excluded. One understands the desire of players to make their own bit of Land to create the house and to possess. So you could hang as trophies the Vanquished RAID bosses’ minds. “We’re simply not there yet,” explained Hazzikostas concluded.
Whether it’s the ideal time for World of Warcraft will come, is suspicious. But who knows: After a wonderful war Addon a growth with recovery to the Plan could be… and since Housing would fit just perfect.
Cortyn says I think that the lack of Housing for one of World of Warcraft’s biggest minus factors. In my fairy tale world, Blizzard would have to replicate the genius Home. Instanced plots of land with several buildings, furniture craftsmen, or Drops. To WildStar’s design possibilities it would be ideal, I really don’t need a”Gameplay motive” for the Housing. Role-play along with the joy of this”electronic house for the character” are not sufficient.
More importantly the Topic, the WoW Community is split — Blizzard’s Plan is currently going to completely
What is your comment on the topic? WoW is in need of Home?
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