WoW: these are the known errors and Bugs from Battle for Azeroth

At the Start of each expansion of World of Warcraft, there are some Bugs and errors. We’ll tell you what can run in the moment is wrong.
The Initiation of the Fight for Azeroth, the seventh expansion of Warcraft, conducted largely smoothly. Nonetheless, there are a number of mistakes, Bugs and other issues in the finished game and also the heroes of Azeroth just for the fun Rob. We tell you exactly what mistakes can now happen in Fight for Azeroth.
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List of bugs from Battle for Azeroth
Please bear in mind, the following are errors, that just part of the participant appears to be affected.

A participant can’t change the ally Nations (distance elves, light forged Draenei, night-born, along with Hochberg-Tauren),
Some of the players on stage 120 are not able to direct their war campaign.
In certain Quests, the Phasing will not operate correctly, so that the Mission can not be completed.
Some players have not received their heart of Azeroth after the completion of this Quest (it will typically be equipped automatically). In cases like this, just a Ticket with guide help helps until Blizzard has mended the Problem.
Some gamers can choose in Boralus no Zone in the assignment panel. Here minding all Addons can assist, however, restarting the match has helped a few.

All of the errors mentioned are Blizzard already known and the programmers are focusing on options that are going to be played within the duration of the day via Hotfixes.

No mistake, but Changes
Many players complain about some”mistakes” that aren’t, but only Changes to:

The character Boost will not supply any”veteran bonus”, it means the growth of the chief jobs. This really became unnecessary, because professions are now split into new classes.
There’s no mode. Simply window mode or full screen (the window).

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Silk is among the influenced from the error? Or you come so far, entirely without Bugs by Kul Tiras and Zandalar?