The new WoW Companion App is here โ€“ It has changed a lot

Fight for Azeroth Upgraded the WoW Companion App — and is starting soon.

You can keep an eye on Your advancement in World of Warcraft mobile and drive!
New Companion App is here: Blizzard has updated the Companion Program for World of Warcraft about the Battle for Azeroth. The App is readily available for Android and iOS, also offers features that are upgraded.

WoW Companion App for BfA
The Companion App has already assisted to Legion to manage the order from the hallway or to watch the world quests. It allows anywhere and anytime companion send, or the Order of hall expansions.
More about the ThemaWoW: Legion — With the Companion Program is always Current
Updated functions: With the Update of this Companion App on Battle for Azeroth, the structure of the Program do not change much — just the functions are now accommodated into the extension.
The world map today Argus Kul Tiras and the new seas Zandalar and shows instead of the Ravaged coast, and associated places. Now you can be universe quests and the new envoy, reputation, including rewards.

Mobile character view and social Affairs: you currently have anywhere access to your character and character info in a similar way to Arsenal’s equipment. Functions such as the contacts and calendar for these, seemingly, come in a subsequent date.
More to WoW’s ThemaDas Mobile auction house is place
New Champions: Battle your older Champions from Legion, for Azeroth will be replaced. Some fresh Champions for the Horde and abilities are throwing hammer, Rexxar, Lillian Voss, Arcanist Valtrois, Hobart the newest images of the Program in the shop called, along with shadow hunter Ty’jin,

Missions and warfare campaign: assignments that are like also the assignment table and the assignments from the Legion’s sequence, You have fresh Champions, where your orders you can give. In the App you can update to the Champions in addition, and employ troops.
The warfare effort substituted in the App, the order, jpg” alt=”” /> Through research endeavors, your updates progresses in the effort, which accompanied you and unlocks from your warrior gift tree. The abilities you are able to see in the App .

You have the App? Then on to Azeroth! Each of the important information for the Launch of the Fight fo Azeroth