World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now live!

The World of Warcraft expansion is still live! The player to the storms Kul Tiras and Zandalar.
The months of waiting are finally over. World of Warcraft has started a new Chapter and the expansion”Battle for Azeroth” is now live. Punctually at 0 o’clock now, on 14. August 2018, which computes Quests. While Alliance players depart Kul Tiras this lead to the Horde on the continent of Zandalar’s players,
Where would you go? The Quest for Battle for Azeroth starts in Silithus, jpg” alt=”” /> Here is the hands the amulet with the artifact energy of food can and you is at the center of Azeroth match in order that you collect from the future Azerit, their Magni bronze blossom.
The struggle for sea power. The primary objective of the Alliance and the Horde, a fleet’s backup , so as to secure the Superiority from the other group. While the Horde is attempting to obtain the Empire of the trolls for your particular thing, the Alliance should become friends with the people of Kul Tiras.
Later, the player will have the ability to visit the continent to another team, the attempts of the enemy.
The newest Quests and content are logically only available if the extension”Battle for Azeroth” also has.

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Please be aware that there might be a wait in the hours and days, rodents and other modest issues, like buggy Quests. Blizzard reacts normally fast and after a few hours, problems should be fixed. By enjoying with elsewhere bridged in the case of the time is.
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The Gamble is being diligently worked around by you when the first rush is over or you begin on the following day?